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What Causes Stretch Marks

What Causes Stretch MarksStretch Marks appear as a band or stripe on your skin and may look like discolored streaks over your skin. When formed newly, they can be a red color, which over a period of time, may fade to a whitish color and can closely resembles a scar. They can make you feel unsure about yourself and can be a cause of embarrassment.

There is a general misconception that Stretch Marks or Striae, are caused due to weight gain and pertain only to pregnant women, while in reality, Stretch Marks are caused due to hormonal influences. It occurs both in men and women and is based on the fact that when one gains weight, there is a hormone production and fat cells metabolism, which can change with a weight gain or loss.

Striae are formed when there is a damage to the elastic fibres beneath the epidermis of our skin and occur due to hormonal changes.

Generally, women gain weight during pregnancy while men gain weight as a result of lifting of weights or even during the adolescent periods. The skin expands during these phases and there is a resultant hormonal change that can contribute towards Stretch Marks. This stretching can also cause severe itching in women and you can minimize this itching by applying olive oil around the affected area and soothe it.

Stretch Marks can appear in women on their thighs, breasts, belly, buttocks and back and in men, this may occur due to an over production of the corticosteroid hormones, which also leads to a deficiency in the protein collagen that is so essential for the fibrous tissues of the skin.

Though our skins are by nature stretchable and adapt easily to different physical ages, there comes a stage when this cannot be done without showing signs of wear and tear and this occurs when there is a thinning out of the dermis and tearing. You can see the blood vessels as a pink or purple color and then turn whitish as the healing process takes place.

Some common causes of Stretch Marks could be:

Although Stretch Marks are unavoidable, particularly during puberty phases, preventive measures can be adopted otherwise like rapid skin stretching due to a weight gain or loss through proper diet programs. Use of Tretinoin creams are found to be effective in treating Stretch Marks. You can also opt for laser treatments and Dermabrasion to improve the skin color and lighten these marks.

Maintaining by and large a healthy diet, good exercise routines, avoiding sedentary lifestyles like sitting in front of TV or PC with a pack of chips or eating junk and oily foods can be very effective in maintaining your weight, thus preventing the occurrence of Stretch Marks, especially for teenagers.

Stretch Marks can be a source of great embarrassment to men and women, and seeking the help of a doctor in treating them can go a long way in boosting your morale and improving your self confidence, so do not hesitate to speak about it.

Stretch Marks are harmless and can occur in both young and old alike and are a common problem, so go ahead and seek the right treatment. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise regularly. This should help in preventing Stretch Marks easily. For severe marks, you could seek the opinion of a professional cosmetic surgeon.

Though Stretch Marks do fade over a period of time, they cannot disappear completely and no matter what creams or lotions you apply, there will be some signs left, so opting for preventive measures could be a more feasible option here than stretch marks removal and be costly.

Keep yourselves well hydrated, apply soothing lotions over your skin to ease the itching, using creams that can help in triggering collagen and elastin proteins generation, seeking a plastic surgeon’s help in case of a severe marks can all go a long way in preventing Stretch Marks to a great extent!

So, go ahead and seek the right treatment for your particular problem!