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Vitamin E Stretch Marks Cure – Does It Really Work?

Vitamin E Stretch Marks Cure – Does It Really Work?Vitamin E stretch marks cure? Vitamin E can be found in many over the counter skin care productthat include lotions and soap. It is best known to help in the aging process as well as aid in the healing of cuts and scars. There are a number of individuals who have claimed that Vitamin E can not only help prevent stretch marks, but are also effective in treating stretch marks that have already been formed.

Free radicals are responsible for the breaking down of elastin and collagen within your skin, which can result in pre-mature aging as well as wrinkles. Vitamin E is known as a powerful antioxidant that can aid in the prevention of free radical skin damage.

By applying Vitamin E oil directly to the surface of the skin you can raise Vitamin E levels within the skin by a large amount. This provides the skin with a reserve of Vitamin E that it can use to aid in the prevention of stretch marks. Depending on the skin type, various individuals stretch marks may respond more favorably to Vitamin E treatments than other skin types. To obtain any success, it is important to apply the oil to the stretch marks area at least twice per day.

It has also been found that Vitamin C and Vitamin E together can be more successful at treating photo aging of the skin, than by just using one Vitamin alone. Applying Vitamin E oil topically is one way to apply this into your skin, but it is important to obtain Vitamin E through ones diet as well. Rich sources of this Vitamin can be found within the following foods:

The daily U.S. recommended Vitamin E intake is 8 mg for women and 10 mg for men. This is easily obtainable through a balanced diet. In fact you will get more than enough and there may not necessarily be and need to take a Vitamin E supplement.

There is no guarantee that Vitamin E will completely eliminate stretch marks at all, but they may aid in fading stretch marks considerably. The upside of this treatment is that it is relatively safe and very much cheaper than the laser treatments that are out there today.