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Laser Hair Removal in New Mexico

Despite the fact that it’s been around for more than a decade, laser hair removal in New Mexico can still cost consumers quite a pretty penny. There are, literally, dozens of areas on the body that can be treated by laser hair removal. In fact, practically anywhere hair grows, the treatment can be performed. When this new trend first became popular only a few areas of the body were able to be treated.

Surprisingly not every area of the body costs the same. The cost can vary based on difficulty of the procedure, amount of hair removed other factors. We’ve provided this article to inform consumers about some of the costs associated with laser hair removal.

The cheapest area to receive laser hair treatment are the eyebrows. Laser hair removal of the eyebrow area typically ranges from $40 to $60. The nose and upper lip are also among the cheapest regions to receive this treatment, ranging between $65 and $90 at most clinics. The chin, sideburns and both upper and lower lips cost anywhere from $95 to $115, while the neck can is usually between $100 and $200. Patients wishing to remove hair on the cheeks and sideburns can expect to shell out an affordable $120 to $150 per session.

Armpits, hands/fingers and feet/toes each have a price around $100 to $135. Armpits range from $120 to $140, while forearms can be priced from $180 to $210. Price of laser hair removal on the thighs typically ranges from $240 to $260, lower legs can cost $330 to $360, while a combination of thighs and lower legs usually ranges between $500 and $580 per session. For those wishing to remove hair from the buttocks, they can expect to pay around $200 to $225.

The most expensive area of the body to remove hair is the torso. This is especially true on men, as it tends to have the most hair and the coarsest hair. A back treatment will cost around $550 at most clinics, while a chest hair removal treatment should be around $275 to $300. If you include the abdominal area to the chest treatment, you’ll pay between $550 and $570. Removal of hair in the bikini area ranges between $275 and $350 per session. A full body treatment in New Mexico, while notably more expensive than the rest of the individual treatments, can save money outright, rather than paying for each treatment separately. Full body sessions cost right around $2,000, give or take a few hundred dollars.

So you can see that laser hair removal isn’t exactly cheap, but when you consider how much the price has come down over the years, it’s actually a pretty good deal. Just make sure to conduct careful research before deciding to go through any clinic in New Mexico.

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