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Laser Stretch Mark Removal Cost

Laser Stretch Mark Removal CostPeople who want to quickly remove their stretch marks are concerned about laser stretch mark removal cost. In the United States, a session starts at $200. One session is not enough to eliminate all your stretch marks so you have to go back to the clinic to continue your treatment. Furthermore, there are clinics that may ask for up to $1000 depending on their size, facility and their surgeons. It is important to note that every person has different needs so the price for laser stretch mark removal varies. Your physician may also discuss packages and other payment options.

Another important thing to consider is the complexity of the surgery. Laser technology involves highly complicated physics and only the most capable physicians are able to perform them. For that, you must be willing to pay a higher price. Along with the advanced skills is the ability of the physician to manipulate state of the art equipment. Having known these premises, it would not be surprising to see laser treatment for stretch marks removal cost to go beyond $3000. To get the exact details of laser stretch mark removal cost, you may ask your local clinic.

Moreover, stretch marks are among the skin conditions that are most difficult to treat. Even physicians admit that eradicating stretch marks is not easy. There are different techniques that your physician may employ. Usually, the more advanced the method is, the higher its price. The cost that you have to spend also depends on the location of the stretch marks. Lines below your belly are bigger and thus require more sessions. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine how much you would need to have the stretch marks removed from your belly.

Laser stretch mark removal procedure

The laser stretch mark removal procedure follows certain steps. First, your surgeon will clean the area where your stretch marks are located. No oil or residue should come between the laser and your skin because this may cause unnecessary burns. Next, the surgeon will put a cooling gel to dispel the heat produced by the laser. This is how they make laser surgery painless. The highly concentrated light will remove all the thin layers of the skin and the weakest forms of stretch marks. These preparatory steps may cost around $200 – $400 depending on your surgeon and clinic.

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When the shallowest stretch marks are removed, you will return to the clinic after a week or two for the next session. Your skin will be cleansed again as it was in the first session but the laser will be more intense this time to target the larger and older stretch marks. These sessions may cost $400 – $700.

Laser stretch mark removal cost may truly become too expensive but it guarantees the most desirable effects. Older and more severe stretch marks are harder to erase though. Under this condition, the least number of sessions that you need is ten. If the surgeon required $200 for a session, the total cost of the entire surgical procedure would be $2000. As this estimate is the cheapest, according to our resources, you may have to pay more if your dermatologist fee falls in the middle of our approximation.

Laser stretch mark removal cost is not covered by most insurance providers because it is not a medical necessity. But to be sure, it is recommended to check with your insurance provider. When you plan to undergo laser treatment, your physician will determine if you must have preliminary medical treatments. These treatments can add up to the total cost if they are not covered by your insurance provider.

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Despite the laser stretch mark removal cost, customers are willing to undergo the surgery because of its high satisfaction rating. This surgical operation is safe and is approved by the FDA. Injury is avoided by using precisely controlled excimer laser. This less invasive surgical method grants faster recovery and lesser complications. In addition, laser stretch mark surgery is more affordable than tummy tucks. Laser treatments are painless and the effects are permanent. You will not have to bother about side effects because laser treatment has none. Furthermore, it does not need prescription and medication. Anyone, as long as he or she is of legal age and can afford the laser stretch mark removal cost, can undergo surgery.